How to Earn More Coins on Madden 21

Hi Madden Fans, I am here to tell you how to earn more coins on Madden 21. Coins are essential in order to buy contracts for players, upgrade stadiums and build your team’s ratings. Here are some tips on how to get them without buying packs or spending real money.

First of all, the key is to win. If you lose a game, you will lose coins regardless of what difficulty you were playing on. To avoid being punished for losing, play at least one A+ difficulty game or higher. Try not to lose these games either because it still reduces your coin count regardless of what level of difficulty you played on.

If you want to increase coin gain from your wins, play in the playoffs when you have a great team because it opens up harder matchups and better payouts. Also try playing with a different team after each game, which will bring down your win count and allow for more wins overall. It’s not recommended to play with less than eight wins because it will decrease your odds of winning.

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Play a pure franchise if you have a large amount of contracts to use. This will boost your coin gain significantly since you can play two games per day. To be even more effective, play on the highest difficulty that you can handle while using your best players to win each game. Make sure to keep track of how many wins and losses you have at the end of each game because you want to have more wins than losses. If you are tied, it usually goes in favor of the AI.

The AI has a tendency to be better when they are under pressure, so try starting with them on defense. This will help with your win count by obtaining possession of the ball at least three times during the game.

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The next tip is to use a team with a low salary cap, which means they have a better chance of scoring touchdowns and creating turnovers. A good choice for this would be the Washington Redskins, who play well on offense as well as defense. When your opponent falls behind in the score, there is a high chance that you will be able to get turnovers and sacks by creating pressure.

Do not try this if your opponent has a good offense or defense because they could quickly counter with big plays. This also works well with teams like the Dallas Cowboys and Seattle Seahawks who have better defenses than offenses.

Make sure you play on lower difficulties of course, because it will give more of an advantage towards your team. I would only recommend playing with the Redskins if you are already skilled enough to get more than ten wins in a pure franchise by yourself.

Play in the Madden Ultimate Team Draft Champions

If you want to earn more coins, this will allow you to play as many games as you like per day and can be played on both IOS and Android devices. A good way to increase your coin output is by constantly playing Draft Champions during the week until it resets each Friday at midnight.

This gives you a total of nine chances per week to get more coins, but it also allows you to get better rewards for your Ultimate Team. If you win at least one game in each draft, you receive an average of 75-100k per draft along with some draft champions players which can be worth up to 200k each.


I hope you found this article helpful and it allows you to earn more coins on Madden 21. It is important to remember that these methods only work if you already have a large amount of contracts, which can be earned by completing week three and up assignments successfully.

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